"Begun, the Plum War has..." - CaptainPlums

The Plum War, is the parody universe-wide conflict that began in December 2012, after the fall of German Fuhrer to the dark side, the assimilation of his reich into Rosenland, and the subsequent rise of the Plam Empire. The war is between the pro-Rosen Empire, and the anti-Rosen alliance of Parody Universe factions.


After the formation of the Empire, it declared war on every single kind of parody crew, nation, and organisation in the parody universe, including the Antic Order. It then initiated invasions of all the surrounding regions along the border, bombing and strafing border cities with the 'Plamwaffe', and invading rapidly. The aim of the Empire, according to Emperor Rosen, is to conquer the world, and then the entire parody universe.

Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, in an effort to bring the war to a swift conclusion, attempted to send his informer and secret police chief Nikolai Yezhov, and Mikhail Tukhachevsky's friend Jan Gamarnik, on a mission to kill the emperor and his apprentice. The plot fails, Darth Vikings shoots down the helicopter, and both pilots are executed. 

In retribution for the attempt on his life, Emperor Rosen orders the bombing of Moscow with fighters and V2 rockets. This forces the Free Parody Universe Alliance (the anti-Rosen alliance) to evacuate to Planet Tukhachevsky. However, they stop off on the Mikhail space station, which is attacked by the Plamperial fleet. In the attack, Darth Vikings is badly wounded, and Fegelein killed. However, Tukhachevsky, Himmler, Traudl, Ceausescu, Antonescu, and others, all escape. 

Back on earth, the emperor sends his new forces off to attack the other planets in the system. They capture all the planets (including Planet Tukhachevsky and the Antic Temple there, with Rosen personally slaying Heinrich Himmler) in the Antic System, aside from Planet Fegelein (despite one failiure, when Admiral Assad's fleet is destroyed by Admiral Traudl Junge in battle). 

Lord Rosen's forces have moved for an all-out assault on Planet Fegelein, attacking the planet with overwhelming force. Lord Vikings was slain by Tukhachevsky, leaving a furious Rosen to order Tukhachevsky's capture. The battle is still raging, as Rosen's forces close in on the last planet to remain free in the Parody Universe...