Rosenland is the fictional land in the Parody Universe, situated on planet Earth, which is home to all things associated with children's poet and writer Michael Rosen, and his bizarre antics, allies, and way of life. It is featured in several parodies, particularly in the parodies of Benad361. It was the home of Mr. Rosen in his young days, where he got up to all sorts of bizarre antics. In his later life, Rosen took over Rosenland, becoming the official leader.

In his Rosen Wars: Revenge of the Plamz series, Rosen, with the help of his new apprentice (Adolf Hitler), merges Rosenland with the Third Reich to create his new empire (which eventually spans most of the known universe).

In Michael Rosen and the Plumspiracy, Michael and Harrybo's bad behaviour leads to their strict teacher setting Rosenland's security forces on them, led by the ruthless Nathan Van Cleef, a Marshal and law-man, and Minister of Defense of Rosenland. Michael seemingly kills him in the battle, only for him to somehow resurface, unharmed, in front of a horrified Rosen.