Two Plamperial star destroyers

Two Plamperial Navy Star Destroyers.

The Plamperial Navy is the naval branch of of Emperor Michael Rosen's totalitarian Plam Empire. It is the space-wing of the Empire's armed forces (the Plamwaffe and the Plamperial Army) being the other two branches).

The role of the navy, and associated fleets, is to engage and defeat enemy space fleets in battle, to police Plamperial terrirory, and to transport huge armies to attack enemy targets - particularly those of the Free Parody Universe Alliance

The fleet seems to be very large - composed of several star destroyers, several smaller frigates, and other such ships. Many starfighters can be launched from said ships, for ship-to-ship battles, and strafing of enemy targets.


The fleet was formed in early-2013, when the Empire was founded by Emperor Rosen, upon the inception of his new order. Albert Speer (whom the emperor appointed governor of the solar system, and commander of the Death Plam) may have had a role in the formation of the fleet, as he also had a role in the founding of the imperial army. 

The navy has been key in many battles - the battle for the Mikhail space station, the battle for Planet Tukhachevsky, and the space battle over Planet Fegelein - in the latter, one of the navy's fleets (led by Admiral Assad) was defeated.