A Plamwaffe fighter-bomber, bearing the symbol of the empire.

The Plam Empire is the totalitarian new order Established by poet, and long-time fruit-obsessed maniac Michael Rosen, after his assimilation of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich into Rosenland, (shortly after he took the Fuhrer as his new apprentice). The empire's aim is to unite the whole parody universe under Rosen's imperial rule, destroying the antic order.


Following the defeat of Inspector/Jedi Master Harrybo after a long lightsaber/force duel, Adolf Hitler, having saved Rosen from Harrybo's clutches, agreed to join him in his new order, gaining the Sith/Rosen title of 'Darth Vikings'.

He then returns to his bunker, and slaughters any of his former comrades who could stand in the way of the assimiation, following Rosen's orders. He then, in his capacity as Fuhrer, gives the go-ahead for the assimiation, willingly handing over his reich to the newly crowned 'Emperor Rosentine'.

The Empire has since begun a brutal war of conquest, with the aim of subjugating and destroying all other parody crews in the Parody Universe, and placing them under Plamperial rule. Some in the Reich, such as Speer, actually joined the new order, assisting the Emperor in his schemes. Others were simply exterminated.

The Empire has grown in strength to the extent that it has been able to successfully conquer key Antic System planets with ease, even heavily defended planets such as Planet Tukhachevsky.


Their air force is definitely known to be called the 'Plamwaffe' (evidently created from the reich's luftwaffe units), and is seen to be ruthlessly efficient, laying waste to entire Soviet border cities. The planes also seem to possess very effective armor, as Soviet anti-aircraft guns proved useless against them.

The ground-forces of the empire are slightly obscure. However, given the rapid advances made into enemy territory, it seems that the army is well trained, equipped, loyal, and ruthless. The latter was proved in Rosen Wars: Revenge of the Plamz (Part 3), in which imperial troops are seen to brutally kill two captive Soviets without mercy, following the emperor's orders to the letter. The army was also seen in Part 4, and shown to be a well-equipped, ruthless force (as it stormed the Mikhail space station).

Later, Governor Speer unveils to Emperor Rosen his new army, as they view it heading off into battle - composed of thousands of well-equipped soldiers in effective body armour, carrying antic-rifles and marching onto the Plamperial Fleet's cruisers with utter conformity. Advanced walkers are also seen, possessing heavy weaponry. Rosen refers to speer as a "fucking genius" for his creation of this ruthless, huge force.