Marshal Nathan Van Cleef is a fictional US lawman, and one of the main villains in Jackie Chan's Shanghai Noon (2000).

In Benad361's parodiesEdit

In the parodies of Benad361, he is revealed to be an enemy of Harrybo and Michael Rosen. He leads the 'Plum Commandos', a ruthless branch of the Rosenland military. In Benad361's Michael Rosen and the Plumspiracythey are called upon by Michael's teacher Miss Badall, to bring Michael and Harrybo to order. However, they are all killed with Michael and Harrybo's bombs. 

Later on, when Miss Badall confronts the two (who had fled into the local baptist church), and shoots Harrybo dead, Marshal Van Cleef emerges from behind a pillar. They all hold each other at gunpoint, until the marshal shoots Miss Badall dead, to everyone's relief. 

He then duels with Rosen (who's aim is very, very bad in comparison). Michael runs out of bullets and the marshal tricks him into believing that he will also empty his gun, and they will both face each other with a single bullet, to make things fair. However, he does not empty his gun, and when Michael charges at him after a count of three, he attempts to pepper him with bullets. Somehow, Michael shoots the marshal, who seemingly collapses to the floor dead.

Later on, Michael goes back to the church when it is dark, only to find the marshal suddenly scrambling back up again, having seemingly tricked Michael into being dead. The scene then cuts off. He will appear in future Benad361 parodies, as the story continues...

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