A list of the various kinds of conventional (and unconventional) weaponry used by the various characters throughout Benad361's parodies.

Normal weaponsEdit

  • Pistol: A normal pistol, with no original or modified features.
  • MP40: A machine gun used by the Wehrmacht (Nazi Germany's army). Seen in cameo appearances in Benad361's Downfall-related parodies.

Antic-related weapons Edit

Weapons powered by the power of antics; much more powerful than conventional weaponry. 

Antic firearms Edit

  • Antic pistol: A pistol that looks like a conventional pistol. However, it fires bullets that are enhanced by the power of antics - antic rounds. These rounds can kill a non-antic sensitive individual instantly, kill a conventional antic master with relative ease, and cause excessive damage to many materials. Fegelein was seen using one in Tukhachevsky vs Fegelein: The Final Battle. It was powerful enough to break bullet-proof glass. 
  • Antic rifle/antic blaster rifle: A rifle which can often look similar to a traitional rifle (e.g. an AK-47) but fires incredibly powerful antic bullets/lazer blasts which are lethal to most living things. They can either fire use explosive shots, lazer shots, or antic rounds. 

Antic explosivesEdit

  • Fegel-grenade: A grenade that functions in a similar manner to a conventional grenade. However, the explosion is much more destructive.
  • Mikhail-mine: An explosive mine developed by Soviet Master of Antics Mikhail Tukhachevsky, which works just as a conventional explosive does. However, the explosion is much more devastating. One even demolished most of the Kremlin in a single explosion.


  • Antic-armor: A suit of armor developed by Mikhail Tukhachevsky, designed to protect the wearer from blows, and to be used against an opponent. The gloves of the suit were wired into lethal antic-watts, giving the wearer the ability to shock an opponent "with 1,000,000 antic watts a minute". It was even able to incapacitate Antic Master Hermann Fegelein within seconds.