The Free Parody Universe Alliance is an alliance of parody crews, nations, and individuals in the Parody Universe, established to stand against the Plam Empire of Emperor Rosen during the current Plum Wars.

The alliance was initially led by Stalin. However, upon his death, Soviet Antic Master and Marshal, Mikhail Tukhachevsky, is placed in charge. 

Key leadersEdit

All manner of parody crews participate in the alliance, representing their factions on the ruling council. The members are as follows: 

  • Mikhail Tukhachevsky (Head of the FPUA, and overall commander of all FPUA forces. Current representative of the Soviet Union on the ruling council).
  • Hermann Fegelein (Formerly-second-in-command of the FPUA, and former-representative of the Antic Order on the council).
  • Heinrich Himmler (De-facto leader of the Antic Order, and protector of the Antic Temple. The current second-in-command of the FPUA, upon the death of Fegelein).
  • Joseph Stalin (Former head of the FPUA, and former representative of the Soviet Union and Stalin parodies on the council)
  • Ion Antonescu (A Marshal who formerly led the FPUA's Romanian branch, and was the former representative of Romania and Antonescu parodies on the council. He was later exposed as a traitor and killed).
  • Nicolae Ceausescu (The current commander of the FPUA's Romanian branch, and representative of Ceausescu parodies, on the council).
  • Captain Willenbrock (Representative of U-Boat Parodies on the ruling council).
  • Werner Hartenstein (Representing his antic faction on the council).
  • John Mallory (Representing the Revolution parodies on the council).
  • Edward Merriman (Representing the Merriman parodies on the council).

The ruling council makes most of the decisions on key issues (military moves, political decisions, etc). However, Mikhail Tukhachevsky, as overall leader, is also allowed to make decisions by himself. At least one spy has been exposed on the council so far.


The exact composure of the FPUA's forces is unknown, but their ground forces appear to be composed of the military forces of each member-state/faction. For example, FPUA forces in defence of Moscow are Soviets, as are those defending the Soviet border, the Romanian front is manned by Romanian forces under the command of Marshal Antonescu, etc.

The FPUA forces on the Mikhail space station were under the command of Himmler, and seen to wear highly-advanced armour and carry advanced chainguns. These guns are powerful enough to cut down the Empire's advanced Rosen-troopers, and advanced battle droids.

Space fleetEdit

Little is known about the FPUA fleet, as it has not been seen to participate in any battles so far. However, two huge cruisers from the fleet were seen to evacuate the FPUA leaders from earth in Episode 4 of Rosen Wars, implying that the fleet is composed of at least several large battleships. Since the fleet has often been unable to engage the empire directly in battle, Emperor Rosen's Plamperial Fleet may be more powerful.